Celebrating National Day on Top of the City

To celebrate the Vietnam’s National Day, EON51 is launching a new promotion with all of their outlets on level 50, 51 and 52 of the Bitexco Financial Tower in order to provide the best fireworks experience for visitors.


Cafe EON from level 50 introducing an international set menu with tasty dishes, such as Oven baked Canadian Lobster (half) with Fruit Salad, Braised Sea Cucumber with Oyster Mushroom, Strawberry soup with Lemon Sorbet and almond Tuile. This set menu costs 990,000++, or 1,390,000 in the VIP area, where you can have the best fireworks view.


Besides that, at level 51, EON51 Fine Dining launches National Day menu  with several newly designed dishes. Norwegian Salmon is filleted and marinated with orange juice and herbs for 30 hours, before house smoked in a dome and served with sous vide quail egg. King Crab and Asparagus Royale Soup, Roasted Deep Water Bay Scallop with cooked Artichoke and Parmesan Foam are the following entrees. Baked Cod Fish with Chorizo Ragout and the Roasted Lamb Saddle are the main courses in the menu. Last but not least, Strawberry Soup is the dessert of the day with in house almond Tuile and lemon Sorbet. Guest can enjoy this modern cuisine set menu cost 1,850,000++ with a free sparkling wine and string classical music in an elegant environment.

set menu2


At Level 52, EON Heli Bar will celebrate National Day with a one-day cocktail, “Marching Red” with many communism-inspired qualities. More than that there will be amazing  acoustic performances then electro with DJ until late.

cocktail fb


Cafe EON – level 50 Bitexco Financial Tower – 2 Hai Trieu Str Dist. 1
(08) 6291 8750 | eon51.com

EON51 FINE DINING – level 51 Bitexco Financial Tower – 2 Hai Trieu Str Dist. 1
(08) 6291 8751 | eon51.com

EON HELI BAR – level 52 Bitexco Financial Tower – 2 Hai Trieu Str Dist. 1
(08) 6291 8752 | eon51.com